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What I See

Updated: May 6

On May 9 I’ll have been at Christ United for 2 years.

I’ve heard it said that when you’re anxious and your mind is racing thinking about the past or the future, that one way to calm yourself is to focus on what you see in the here and now.

After 2 years, this is what I see:

I see a place that took a chance on calling a pastor that is gay. Not many places would do that.

I see a place that invites and welcomes participation in many parts of Sunday worship. From those who set up the worship space and fellowship time after the service to kids bringing up communion or passing around the offering plate, we want as many people as possible participating in worship.

I see a place where more than the pastor speaks on Sundays: voices come from the congregation, in the midst of the congregation. These voices speak the lessons, the prayers, answer questions I pose to you in my sermons, and share how the Faith Word of the Week has shown up in your lives.

I see a place that wants to reach out, and does. This reaching out happens through events that help those in need.

I see a place willing to try new things, even when that includes pillows in the worship space. I see a place OK with experimentation.

I see a place with an amazing property. It’s big, yes. That just means there are more options and ways that God can use it.

I see a community of people who take care of each other. Members reach out to other members in times of need and to share in celebrations. I see members who genuinely care for each other - who go beyond a superficial “How are you?” and “I’m good.”

I see a place wanting to hear the voice of God… and understands how hard that can be at times. I see a place willing to wrestle with the hard questions openly. Why aren’t my children going to church? Why is it hard to be a Christian? Why is there a decline in people coming to church?

It’s these last questions that are the hardest.

We live an age of Christianity (at least in our sphere) where there are more questions than answers. I still think it’s worth asking the questions. We shouldn’t stop doing that. In fact, we can’t stop doing that.

The here and now of Christ United is that we are doing good things. We aren’t just sitting around, waiting for people to show up. We constantly have ideas. We constantly are thinking of ways to reach out.

Another observation: I see a place that will continue into the future.

Peace and blessings,

Pastor Alex Aivars

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